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Lady Royale Lazarus Foundation

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The Lady Royale Lazaus Foundation or LRLF was established by Lady Royale to give back to the community. The mission of LRLF is to provide resources to those in the community who are underrepresented. LRLF believes that, with the proper support, community members who are facing difficult times can meet life's challenges head-on and make it to the next chapter in their lives, closer to their goals. LRLF believes that support can bridge lives that make up the community so that we can have a better place to live, one community at a time.

Royale Kids Campaign


In 2007, Lady Royale introduced her “Royale Kids” campaign at the A. C. Lewis YMCA in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where her Lazarus foundation gives back. The "Royale Kids" campaign was created to empower the youth in the community to reach for their dreams and to support organizations, like the A. C. Lewis YMCA that provide much needed programs and activities for the youth in the community.

Lady Royale met the youth of the YMCA with t-shirts, posters, poetry and a performance, and the kids met her with so much more, hope of the future. The youth had so much to say about who they want to be when they grow up and all the things they would like to achieve. Lady Royale believed it to be an honor that she was able to tell them that with hard work, commitment, and good conduct, their dreams can become reality.

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